LAABIYAD Abderrahim

 There is no real photo more than a street photograph.

Since I started photography, I was always looking to photograph spontaneous things, just the way they, through such photographs, I can see the reality, I can see the truth, that's how I got into street photography genre.

During my early days in photography, I had to use my phone, which was the best and the only camera with me, this device granted me access to a new perspective seeing our daily life, maybe this gear wasn't technically reliable to tell a story, therefore I had to move to a gear which is made to make photographs.

Camera; as a street photographer if I could call myself, I needed to be discret, for this I went with a small micro-fourth camera.

It's true once you get into photography, you get a disease or a condition called GAS or Gear Aquisition Syndrom, since then I purchased multiples lenses, digital cameras, film cameras with different sensor or film back size.

Nevertheless, photographing the street life,a portrait or a landscape,  I always intended to tell a story, tell the truth.