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Walking in a public space with a camera in hand makes me keen on people, their behaviour, motion, colours, and style...and sometimes, some emotional scenes.

Whenever I see people hugging, as an introvert, it's a huge challenge for me to capture that moment in a photograph without disturbing the scene.

Especially on film, being near to the subject, the noise of the mechanical shutter may break the scene at any moment.

I take a 50mm and try to be further as I can to capture that beautiful moment of 2 people living in their own universe without caring about the world around them, or even me the one I photograph them.

young couple hugging | wide image
Young couple cuddling, Paris 2022

couples hugging | full image
Couple hug, Paris 2022

When you are in the streets, panning the area in circle and I notice many forms of communication like talking on the phone, a group of people sharing a table in a café, or some individual friends or family hugging each other as a form of missing each other for a period of time or just one needs to be supported by the hug energy.

test | wide image
Two girls hugging, Paris 2022

hugging | wide image
Two women hugging, Milan 2022

Indeed, just walking around, you don't care who hugs whom, however being a street photographer, you are taking a magnifier on what's happening in the streets and recording those emotional moments, where those subjects are not aware that they are captured, which allows me to transfer the scene with its deep genuinity.

If we took and describe those photographs, there is something to learn.

A hug is something that you can't buy, just give it for free and receive it likewise.


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