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Rules of photography: Leading lines

As art to study, photography has rules
If we want to start photography as an art, we have to study photography, and it has rules.

We may start photography by taking a camera straight away from the bag, and we take thousands of bad photos, through time, we acquire a reflex allowing us to change our behaviour before making photos like some these self answered questions:

- How many subjects should I include in my frame?
- Where the subject should be positioned in my frame?
- Is there depth in my scene?

Here some rules for composition:

Leading lines.
Leading lines is an impressive storytelling rule, it shows the direction of your subject moving somewhere lead by the lines.
As this photograph shows, it has many lines showing the perspective of the direction in this street.

Leading lines show also people coming from source of line

Leading lines are often visible physical lines when there is enough light, otherwise, at night we may not be able to see them, therefore we can use other dynamic subjects showing us a route.

In this example, street lamps is a good example to show us the direction we want take.


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