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The camera is your third eye

The world is much sharper when you see it through your lens.

The combination of the camera body and the lens is a magnifier, it makes you see the world in a bigger picture.

In this post, I am not mentioning anything new, just I want to express a habit I acquired since I made the camera a must gadget I take with me wherever I go, it could be anything can record pictures.

As a street photographer, once I point my camera to the street life, I have a feeling that I see the world differently from the rest of people, I can experience being like them without having anything to shoot with, I ignore scenes, backgrounds and shadows, and then I say, I WISH I had my camera with me.
But being behind the camera allows you to watch everything around, or think, it is a movie and you are the director, certainly, you won't enjoy life as an actor, but your role still to transmit the story to a third party viewer.

For instance, in a morning I was heading to my office, and I noticed these two women walking together, and I quickly took a photo using my phone without too much digging into details, sometimes I just shoot and process the idea later.
In fact, I took many photos while they were walking and I have chosen this one since the pillar between them, tells more about each different path.
test | wide image
Two women walking, Casablanca, Morocco, 2018

The photograph here allowed me to expose the contrast between two lifestyles, two different ways of thinking, this represents exactly the way we live in Morocco, the contrast between people who wants to live a modern life and those who want to stick in the culture box.

For a second capture, I choose this one, I took in 2017 in Casablanca, I remember the two boys in the background refused to be photographed, so I had to crop them a little. After a small conversation with them, they told me they just wanted to quit school.

My purpose here is documenting the fact that we still have unschooled children in Morocco, striving for a piece of bread as this little boy eating as shown in his hand.

test 1 | wide image
Shoeshine children, Casablanca, Morocco 2017

Finally, for the third photograph, it is different, it may have no meaning, but artistically speaking, it looks like a water painting, but actually, it's a reflection of a church on the surface of a river.

test 3 | wide image
church on water

I mean, here photography teaches us to see the world from another view, it only takes to look through your viewfinder while directing your lens to a different angle.
From these three sample photos, or from all photographs I have made, I learned to focus on the useless details we see in our daily life, this way, my perspective to life becomes wider and clearer...sometimes beautiful.

In short, whatever the category you are practising in the world of the photography, your photographs are not just an accumulation of raws and rolls, they are memories written in a tiny slice of time and portion of space, therefore, don't hesitate to record your present, one day it will be an interesting picture from the past.


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